štvrtok 19. januára 2012

Crazy fishing tournaments!

Just imagine, hundreds of people racing for one little fish, and there can be only one winner, no second or third place, and all of that only twice a week, sounds great huh? When you are wow fishing freak like me it’s a pure heaven! Every Saturday or Sunday afternoon almost every player available in the game knows exactly what he or she will be doing next tens of minutes. Fishing tournaments in World of warcraft are very favorite among wow players. From different points of view of play style there are several reasons why. Not that you can win very attractive prizes and items, but you also earn very rare achievements which is well respected and considered as a prestige and skill by other players in wow, because there can be only one winner per week in one tournament, but theoretically when you are very lucky you can win both tournaments in one week. That would be a turbo boost for your reputation on your realm server :) and most certainly you became a fishing superhero. 

Fishing tournaments or events are long tradition in World of Warcraft. First tournament since beginning is the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, later in a datadisk expansion Wrath of the Lich Kig was added the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby. Each tournament has its own mechanics, but both of the tournaments are very competitive and since you are competing with something like hundreds of other players it’s certainly not an easy matter to win. But even if your odds are very low you can always try. It’s a hell of a fun and when you get lucky enough and win I guaranty you, you get those great feelings like never before. Actually I think this is exactly why players are so attached to playing games and doing competitive stuff like events or tournaments, no matter if you play world of warcraft fishing events or just another game. Also you can enjoy playing with your friends, guild mates and make those legendary stories about how that one end up. Once I won fishing tournament with help of a wow fishing bot. Now, as I mentioned early in this post there are two tournaments, every Saturday afternoon at 14°° is starting The Kalu'ak Fishing Derby tournament. The objective of this event is to be the first player who fish out a Blacktip Shark and afterwards quickly brings it to the NPC (Elder Clearwater) in Dalaran. After you get a shark be very fast because at that point other player might has a shark as well and will attempt to overtake you. Always make sure you setup your hearthstone in Dalaran’s inn near the NPC before event starts. It can really help a lot. Event is ending at 15°°. If you lose never mind, the very next day at Sunday you have a second chance. Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza starts at 2°°pm and ends at 4°°pm (server time). Remember to have your hearthstone set in Booty Bay inn. Purpose of this grand fishing tournament is to catch 40x Speckled Tastyfish and turn them in to Riggle Bassbait NPC as the first person before other players. Every player at any level can participate in this fishing tournament; also you can always use a wow fishing bot to raise your chances to win. Very interesting fact about fishing events is that there are only 53 winners every year! Most likely more fishing events will be added in the game in a future content patches and expansions.